August 2016 Update – 11 Years Strong!

August means summer holidays are long past and everyone is back in school. This year August also meant School Annual Day!  Vanavil celebrated its 11th year of helping children by putting kids front-and-center. One of our long time well wishers, a drama exponent extraordinaire, volunteered to rehearse and direct a great (low-budget) play production. Here are some pics from the festivities:

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We’re very happy to be able to celebrate 11 great years. It has been a journey, with a fair amount of ups and downs, but the continued success of ever larger numbers of children staying in school and earning qualifications makes it all worth while. We’re now old enough that one of our alumni, M. Lakshmi, has graduated with a B. Com and is now the school accountant. Incredible.

August also  means Independence Day – India celebrated 69 years as an independent country on August 15th, and at Vanavil we raised the flag too!

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