10 Years On – Press Coverage


With challenges ahead and achievements to revel in this news article on the work of Vanavil certainly came in as a New year gift to us. Press Coverage : Vanavil was featured as a story in Scroll.in as a feature on the tenth Tsunami anniversary. A link to the article is here : http://scroll.in/article/695450/How-the-2004-tsunami-changed-the-fate-of-Tamil-Nadu%27s-poorest-nomads Vanavil […]

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August 2014 Update

6 Before the assembly Aug 15th

Dear Vanavil Well-Wishers!   Greetings from the lovely town of Sikkal, Tamil Nadu, just after August 15th, Indian Independence Day. The Vanavil students put on a fantastic programme, including a solemn flag raising, speeches, songs, and a dance recital. The students led the ceremony, gave the flag salute and also danced with verve and enthusiasm. […]

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