Our Story

Vanavil is an outcome of a desire to give a chance at childhood to children from Nomadic tribal ( Boom Boom Mattukarar & Narikuravar) communities. It was started in 2005 by a group of dreamy young people who wanted the best for the children they met during Tsunami volunteering. (Read the story here)

“Educate the children, provide livelihood and empower the communities”

From a history of being the traditional traders and communicators of civilization, many nomadic tribes have been reduced to poverty and neglect in the present modern world. The communities we work with are into begging, selling wares and other odd jobs. In one line they are in the sea of “No livelihood security”. Floating fighting sometimes succeeding many times defeated but still struggling.

Our children like any other child in the universe are a bunch of high energy creative brats. But their history of nomadness and a life that’s been one of unconventional poverty they have some distinct issues. Like they have the smallest of attention spans which we have stretched so much in the past four years. They tend to quarrel a lot and get a bit violent – After all they are from a world where survival is strictly for the fittest and fastest. They have their streak of adventure and can’t keep to a place, which we try and negotiate with.

We want to make Vanavil that space which will accommodate them as they are but also a space which will motivate them to harness their energies towards a future where they will not need to beg for a livelihood. Its been a complex journey and we still are learning our lessons and forging ahead. We have won a few brownie points and got a few blows but in all its been a enriching journey and if you come into Vanavil you can feel it in the laughter and busy energy that floats around it.