Girls getting new buckets

Thank you Wipro Cares / University of Canberra

This July, the Information & Technology Management (ITM) unit of the University of Canberra held a fund raising event: a “Country of Origin” lunch, silent auction and cash donations. Staff contributed a donation at the entrance to enjoy the authentic food from Italy, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka , US, Vietnam, Australia, Kenya & Saudi Arabia, prepared staff who came from all over the world.

The ITM team managed to raise AUD500 through donations and silent auction bids for products contributed by the ITM staff as well. In August we received the wire transfer, and it couldn’t have come at a better time, as with the start of school year we were desperately short of bedding and bathing supplies for the students who stay in hostel. After forex conversion, the money worked out to about INR25,000, or, enough to buy a sleeping mat, pillow, and buckets and plastic mugs for washing for the boys and girls who live at the school.

A big thank you to the ITM team of University of Canberra. They had approached our long time partner and strong supporter Wipro for suggestions on good education charities in India and Wipro did us a great service by suggesting Vanavil.

Big Thank You to University of Canberra and the ITM team!

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